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    Premiere CS5.5.2... issue with GPU Acceleration and laptop monitor


      hi everyone.


      I recently had a virus and ran ComboFix to get rid of it.  Of course, combofix is very powerful and seems to have taken out some other things along with the virus.


      When using Premiere CS5.5.2 with my laptop display, i noticed that when i loaded up a project the video would not play in the source nor the program monitor.  and it would take a good 5 seconds to even hear sound.  and then it would eventually freeze and crash.


      However, when using Premiere CS5.5.2 with my laptop docked and with an external monitor.. it works perfectly fine.  NO issue whatsoever.


      I've noticed when i'm on just my laptop and i take off GPU Acceleration, i see video and hear sound.... but i'd much rather be able to use the GPU Acceleration of course.


      I also had my laptop docked and on the external monitor, GPU Acceleration working fine.. and then removed the laptop immediately from the dock without closing Premiere... and Premiere worked fine with GPU Acceleration then.  I then closed Premiere and started it back up, and the same old problem of no video and freezing started right back up.  Seems to be some sort of problem with GPU Acceleration and my laptop's display.


      I'm hesitant to uninstall and re-install Premiere as a potential fix because i've never done so before and not sure if i'll lose any info/edits from a very important project i'm working on.


      I've flashed the BIOS, i've installed the latest NVIDIA drivers (i'm on a M4700), and I don't have a system restore point to go back to.  Does anyone have any advice they can give?