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    How To Best Create File with Templates for Labels for Products


      I have been printing my own labels on a laser printer for my business and am taking the step of having a printer begin printing them for me whoohoo. BUT, I have to make sure the PDF files I give him are clean and lined up perfectly.


      I have used the templates and margins provided by the label maker (onlinelabels.com) and with a bit of tweaking they work for me printing one at a time. But no matter how carefully I use the templates there is always that "printer drift" on my printer that I adjust for.


      How do I create my files so that the bazillion different images and labels work on their printer? It will be a final file of 250 pages, each page different. They are photo images with a bit of text and most bleed like the image. I have precious little room from one label to the next.


      Is there a way I have not thought of to create the document?


      The examples attached are one text page and one image page with the circle template in place so ya'll can see it. These are 1.67" circle labels.




      THANK YOU _ I hope I explained this in some manner of understandability.