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    Does a reinstall cause media to go offline?


      Hardware & Software specs:



      iMac 21.5-inch, Mid 2010 | 3.6 GHz Intel Core i5 | 16GB 1333 MHz DDR3 |  ATI Radeon HD 5670 512MB

      G-RAID, 4TB, FireWire800 as my scratch disk



      OS X 10.8.4

      Adobe Production Premimium CS6



      This is a lengthy exposition, but I don't know which event may be the cause of the effect.


      A couple of weeks ago I attempted to download the Adobe Plugin Manager so I could install PluralEyes3 plugin for Pr. In the midst of this I received emails about verifying my email for Creative Cloud. I did not subscribe for Creative Cloud so I don't know if I accidentally signed up for a trial while clicking around and moving too quickly. I never successfuly installed the PluralEyes plugin, but haven't returned to it yet (the PluralEyes3 app itself is installed, just not the plugin for Pr).


      So then Creative Cloud was on my iMac for some reason and I received a notification that there were available updates for the Production Premimium CS6. I prompted the download & install of these updates. Forgetting to double check Creative Cloud, I later shut down the computer in the midst of the install. I received a notice that I was interrupting the install but was unable to cancel before the iMac shut off. This notification popped up the next 2-3 times I shut down my iMac. Yet Creative Cloud stated that my software was Up to Date.


      Busy with another job, I had to step away for a few days. Upon returning to my project in Premiere Pro, I began experiencing different bugs that have never occurred before (bugs with the iMac in general, not just Pr Pro). The biggest problem we have run into is that Premiere Pro will no longer send a sequence or work area to Speedgrade. This is a big problem seeing that we need to finish our 95 minute comedy for the Sundance submission date of August 30th.


      Attempted Solutions:

      I have cleaned up the iMac with AppZapper and OnyX. Cleaned up all the Premiere Pro cache. Restarted the computer several times. Considering uninstalling all Adobe software. Then reinstalling new and downloading the current updates. If we were to do this, would we have to relink all fo the media in Premiere Pro? Most media is label well and this wouldn't take too long, but we really don't want to risk major set backs...


      Thank you for your help in advance. And please help quick!

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          Fuzzy Barsik Level 4

          No, you won't have to relink anything: uninstalling and reinstalling Adobe applications do not affect project files. Make a backup copy of them, and you're good to go. PrPro project file retains full paths to all media files imported into the project irrespective of whether you even renamed assets within the project. Just open it up and let PrPro rebuild Media Cache Database from scratch. The only thing you may lose is preview files, but I wouldn't care of that too much.