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    Premiere Pro CC not using all resources... 4k


      I just put together a new workstation machine for editing 1D-C 4k files in Premiere Pro and After Effects.



      i7 3770     3.4

      Gigabyte Z77 Mobo

      32gb Corsair Vengance DDR3 1600 RAM

      250gb Samsung SSD

      4x 2TB Seagate 7200 HDDs in RAID 0 (Yes I know it isn't backed up, we have that part covered)

      Nvidia Quadro K4000 (3gb vram)


      Anyway, we transfered a project with all the media files to our RAID media drive.

      It opened up very quickly and loaded all the media much faster then our old workstation.

      Then I hit the spacebar (perview) and the problems started..

      It won't play back smoothly at all,

      AND it is only running the CPU at 10-20%, GPU 10-50%, ram at 25% and it is not really taxing the drives very hard either...

      Why won't PP use all the resources at 100% like I have previously seen it do on other machines?


      ** The project we are trying to play is 2 layers of 4k .MOV footage in a 1080 timeline... with sharpening, Fast color corrector, and RGB curves.


      ** It also drops every fourth frame when playing back just one layer of 4k .mov footage in a 1080 timeline with NO Effects applied. (Much smoother, but still not using all resources)


      What I am asking, is why would it be giving up so quickly? Before even taxing the resources very hard?

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          JoeyJonaitis2 Level 1

          I have determined that the issue is a codec problem... PP plays back up to 12 layers of 1080p footage in a 4k timeline seamlessly, even with sharpening, fast CC, and RGB curves applied. Yet, it can not play back 1 4k Mov file... It is like the codec will only dedicate so many resources to each file.

          If anyone has any advice as far as getting the quicktime MOV codecs to play more efficiently or how to dedicate more resources to them, I would be very greatful.

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            cc_merchant Level 4

            RED 4K material usually has a .R3D extension. If it is converted to .MOV, it also means you have to use QuiRcktime and are thrown back into a 32-bit environment, where you only have 3.x GB memory available, where there is constant use of the pagefile, where deficiencies of the disk setup are abundantly clear and the logical consequence is the problems you encounter.

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              ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

              Download this: http://cineform.com/products/gopro-cineform-studio-premium


              Convert the 4K Mjpeg Mov to Cineform AVI and see how that performs.




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                JoeyJonaitis2 Level 1

                I am not editing converted .R3D files. I am using the files from a Canon 1D-c directly off the CF card.

                But, THAT makes sence. Because there is only a small amount of ram being used per stream.

                If I set my pagefile to my SSD, do you think it could speed up the system?


                Also, I will give cineform a try, I was just trying to get through this without transcoding the footage at all, but this is why transcoders exsist I suppose!

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                  Greg Popp Level 2

                  I too have a recent 1D-C project I'm editing.  That 1D-C is something, yes?  Most filmic images I've ever seen from a DSLR.  But I digress. 


                  I'm following a workflow closer to the one used by Philip Bloom and Shane Hurlbut.  The Motion Jpeg files will not play well at all on your system.  It's strictly a capture medium - not an editing one.


                  I converted all my 1D-C files to Prores 422 at 4K size using Mpeg Streamclip.  Those files imported beautifully and edit well on my Retina Macbook Pro laptop.  I usually set playback to 1/2 quality, ps. 


                  I have had problems using CUDA, so I'm sticking to software mode.  But I don't see any problem with being able to cut my film and finish on my computer.


                  Also - my sequence is a 4K sequence right in Premiere.  I simply chose a clip and "made a sequence" from that.  Why scale when I don't have to?  I've exported to 1080p easily from the sequence. 


                  If anyone finds this workflow less than ideal, I'm all ears.  Thanks. 

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                    ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                    The Red Codec is built off of the Open Jpeg Standard as is others such as CinemaDNG and I suspect Cineform. Mjpeg by itself is not a acquisition only codec by far and is used for editing and archive. The problem is the performance of the players with some of the algorithms based on the compression level. If the Player does not handle the data rate fast enough or process it fast enough then performance suffering will result. In other words Adobe has some work to do with their Mjpeg processing. I would not suggest editing Red 4K on a Quad Core desktop which means I would not suggest 4K Mjpeg as well.




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                      JoeyJonaitis2 Level 1

                      RESULTS! The Converted Avi files from Cineform playback ALMOST perfectly. They Stutter for a half second then are fine. I am running into what looks like a common audio sync probelm. If anyone knows the fix for this I would love to hear it.

                      I am going to try a few differnt conversion methods and see what I can get to work to best.

                      ECBowen, What would you edit 4k on? From testing, a dual intel xeon "workstation" runs into the same issue when it comes to the codecs inability to use all of the system resources. I would love to see a machine play back the .mov files right from a canon 1D-C in a media player, but I don't think it is possible untill the algorithms are updated.

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                        ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                        If a Dual Xeon wont handle it then the only other hardware option would be a X79 6 core clocked at 4.5GHz or greater. Beyond that it would be waiting on player performance improvements. Red threads extremely well and will use whatever resources a system has including a Dual Xeon 32 thread system. It will take that kind of player optimization to improve the Mjpeg at 4K. Until then Cineform would be the best alternative. Keep in mind that Mjpeg with the Quicktime player will perform completely different than Mjpeg on the Adobe Media player. That is another variable here. If the MOV media could be re-formatted to AVI then that would cause the applications to switch media players for decoding likely. That in itself may help the performance on a system. As a general rule, I would not edit 4K media on any system less than a 6 core CPU with 32GB of ram. Once you get below that specification, the editing experience based on workflow will suffer.




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                          JoeyJonaitis2 Level 1

                          Thank you for you help and feedback. I would just like to see my resources max out before I look at the hardware as the issue. For the time being, I will be using Avi files, HD proxies, or just deal with the slight stutter from the .mov files off the camera.


                          I spoke to an adobe tech today as well, he pointed out that I wasn't importing the files with the media browser (in order to keep the file structure intact), once I started doing that playback improved 10-20%... Still not amazing, but pretty damn good.

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                            ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                            Thanks for the heads up and interesting information. That must change the caching model used and how many frames are cached at any 1 time. That is very interesting.