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    How to fix my computer after multiple installs of same adobe product that I didn't start myself.


      I just got done downloading adobe Flash Player, Reader, Air, + one other.  When they were done installing I had 4 exe files for flashplayer, all exactly the same, 2 readers, 4 of the other that I can't remember the name.  I am wondering why adobe downloads kept loading the same things over and over even though it would say complete and I'd move to next.  I have had adobe stuff on my last computer and there have been some places (sites) that suggested I get it for this one(computer) also.  But I don't want duplicated files taking space.  4 flash player was aprox 45-60.  I'm not on the computer page that I can tell exactly.  But in comparing the files, they are exactly the same.(As far as I can tell they are)  How can I get them off my computer without destroying my computer, or crashing it.  My last computer was windows 95 and it has been a while since I've had it.  This one is brand new and driving crazy figuring it all out.  I do know what flash player downloaded exe files look like and I 've got 4.  Can this be fixed so I'm not waisting space.  Thanks V.


        p.s.  I mostly don't understand that these duplicate versions downloaed time and time again.  Shouldn't it be built into software that if it's there already you need to re-install?