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    SSHD Hybrid drives and Raid 0 for Premiere


      I am looking for a little support and help as I would like to expand both the capacity and speed of my current editing setup.


      I intend on using 2x Momentus XT Hybrid SShD 750gb to give me 1.5tb of very fast storage, and buying a cheap 2tb drive to manually make backups.

      I edit mainly DSLR footage in cs5.5, but I 've noticed large slow down in applying effects and rendering as my current 1tb drive fills up.


      I've looked around the internet for some answers specifically about this scenario, and whether it would suit to enhance video editing.


      I am currently using windows 7 home premium.

      Gigabyte x58a-ud5

      intel i7 920

      12gb corsair ram

      gtx 470


      I am currently using:

      C:128 Corsair ssd force 3

      D:Seagate Barracuda 7200


      C:OS,Pagefile,Premiere and programs, media cache

      D:Everything else



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          UlfLaursen Level 2

          Well, to the best of my knowledge, I think your bottleneck could be in the processor, because your footage does not require that much bandwidth, at least for one or two simultanious streams.


          I went from one singel SATA drive to RAID-0 (2 striped drives) of the same kind, and did not feel any improvement in my daily use of 2-3 streams of MXF (35 or 50 Mb), so depending on your workflow, I beleive you would maybe not either.


          The problems is, that if you should get a bigger processor, you might need to upgrade motherboard and RAM too to a newer architecture, and then it would be more expensive, of course.



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            Haggisx3time Level 1

            Excellent, thanks for your informative reply.


            I need any upgrade I do to be cost efficient, obviously.  I'm always interested to know where my current bottle neck is.  Actually, I am surprised that it might be in an i7 processor that 2 or 3 years ago was top of the range.  But I do hear that video scrubbing is CPU intensive and that CPU upgrading is quite a high priority.  I want to have consistently enjoyable editing experience, but I have had some good and some quite slow over the last year.


            Its mainly at the grading stage that I feel the slow down.  Neat video though great, really batters my workflow.


            I read in one of the Raid FAQs on this forum, that hard drive performance decreases quite substantially when the drive fills up.  Both my drives are at about 90%.  It seems obvious now, but perhaps I just need to spread the load over more hard drives like in the generic guidline for disk setup thread.  Its interesting what you say about your raid 0 experience, it seems that it Raid 0 isn't as essential as the premiere recommended settings suggest.


            It just seems that the concept of striping a hybrid drive would be quite useful in many scenarios, and would still like to know what people felt about this in the field of video editing.

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              ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

              Mechanical HDD's start slowing down once capacity is over 60%. 90% capacity means the drives are running at 60% performance. I would definitely add some more storage or move non essential media off those drives. A raid 0 will also lower the latency of the read requests on the drives. That would help some as the drive capacity is increased beyond 60%



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                JEShort01 Level 4

                The media we use, effects, layers, workflow, and which version of Premiere Pro (5/5.5/6/CC) can all have an impact on system performance.


                Some good news is that task manager along with other real-time performance monitoring tools can assist by showing how cpu/gpu/RAM are being utilized.


                For example, when you are doing a render:

                - cpu is 90 to 100 percent loaded on all cores in task manager (4 real + 4 hyperthreads in the case of your 920 cpu) - indicates your bottleneck is cpu

                - cpu is about 12% loaded - likely indicates that you have a something in your workflow that is not multi-threaded (capable of using all cores); some 3rd party filters are known for this

                - cpu is running 20 to 80 percent loaded - indicates your limiting factor may not be your cpu

                - look at RAM usage; is it close to the maximum that Premiere has been configured to use?


                Regarding drives, you do not have enough for a balanced system and I'm completely with Eric, the 90% full is killing your current build's performance. Simply clearing out down to 70% full and doing a defrag on it may help a lot in the short term.


                In any case, I think you should add two more matching large rotating drives, dual 1TB or larger 7200rpm models, and do a RAID 0 with them. Then, repurpose your existing 1TB drive for backups.


                BTW, I am familiar with the Momentus XT drives and love them for laptops and external enclosures. They are however a lousy bang-for-the-buck editing solution vs. large rotating drives for Premiere when you are not limited to the smaller 2.5" drive form factor.


                Other ways to spend money wisely on your current x58 could be: get a good cooler and overclock, upping RAM to 24GB, upgrade cpu if you can find a good deal on a compatible 6-core (i.e. i7-970, i7-980x, i7-990x, etc.), and more drives still.





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                  Haggisx3time Level 1

                  I did a quick render test.  It is rendering okay when I am applying basic colour correction.  The CPU is going between 20% and peaking at 80%, so this would indicate that the CPU is maybe not the bottleneck currently.

                  The ram is using 6 gb at max, of 9 gb made available for use by Premiere in the preferences.


                  I will definately clean up my drives and defrag very soon, as I am finishing off a short film project where I have been using 10 bit uncompressed footage.  That should free up some space!


                  I am interested about your other suggestion about getting the hdd drives and raid 0.  I have done a little research recently on the forums, and had a look at the optimum disk configuration for various systems depending on the number of disks available.  Now, my understanding is that you want to try and spread the load over a number of disks.  I am noticing now that a few people are using SSD's, and submitting these as suggestions for disk configurations.


                  I am considering the idea of buying a couple of small capacity SSD's, (maybe with the marvel controller, that Harm I believe mentioned is better than sandforce for robustness), and in Raid 0.  I would use this for my media cache/render preview/pagefile section.  Even 2x 60gb ssds striped to provide 120gb, would be more than enough for my standard workflow.  Also, if the array goes down, its just temporary cache anyway right?

                  Why would I use a 1tb 7200rpm drive, when I could go this route instead?  I know the 1tb drive would be cheaper, but isn't speed of the essence here?  I read a comment that Harm mentioned that "most speed requirements is for scratch, temp and pagefile".  I think with a bit of housekeeping, I can delete old render previews, media cache and database entries, and have plenty of room left over with the kind of projects I work on.  I'm using around 60 gb for that section right now.


                  I am thinking now of ditching the hybrid sshd plan, and going for 2xssd low capacity raid 0, and a 3 tb drive as an archive to free up my 1tb drive for footage, exports, and maybe projects.


                  I am interested to hear whether I am being sily to bother striping 2ssds with my modest setup.  Will my motherboard bottleneck somewhere first?


                  I could just get another couple of 1tb drives, but I feel like I want to challenge that approach as SSD technology and prices have come a long way.  SSDs support trim in Raid 0, so whats stopping us?


                  Also, I may point out that I am looking to upgrade at some point the whole architecture of my PC.  I am thinking about the GTX 760 in the near future.

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                    ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                    Striping SSD's for cache would be a waste. The current SSD's are so fast with extremely low latency, that striping would not increase performance for that function. SSD's in raid 0 should be used with media that requires extremely high data rates or greater volume size. The 760GTX card is an excellent card at this point.That would be an ideal upgrade for that system.



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                      Nicol Simard

                      I would suggest two things: a larger HD and a better video card. Your GTX 470 is really holding you back.

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                        Kranex1 Level 1

                        You didn't put sufficient information but I'm guessing you have a lag due to your GPU ram limit. But that depends on the type and number of effects. You should also be using a RAID for HD video with effects. You CPU is dated, but should pose that much of a problem unless you edit AVCHD.

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                          Haggisx3time Level 1

                          Thanks guys for all the advice.


                          I think that Nicol has hit it on the head considering my current position.  I intend on buying a 3tb drive, freeing up my 1tb drive, and maybe investing in another ssd for my cache (scratch / temp / pagefile).


                          But following your advice, I will get a gpu upgrade asap.