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    Premiere Elements 11 Adding A Red Tint


      Premiere Elements 11 is adding a red tint to my video. It is fine before I put the file in elements and on the time line. It is only when I render and save it that the tint appears.

      I save in MPEG and use the HD 720p 30 preset. I have included some screenshots of the difference. Also I am recording a game called Minecraft. I used the screen recorder Fraps. Could someone please help me.





      Test Before.png

      Before saving in Premiere Elements 11 (Raw File) 





      Test After.jpg


      After saving file, The diference is hard to tell here but when playing the video it is noticeable.






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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Can you give us the full details of your Video footage. It appears to be from a video screen-cap program, of game play, but I could be wrong. The more detail, the better. Also, please let us know what your Project's Preset is.


          Next, how are you comparing the results, where you see that "red tint?"


          There can be differences between players, for instance, so knowing exactly where you are seeing your issue, might hold part of the key.


          As most video players are not using Color Managed Space, one does not usually see THAT big a difference, than say viewing a Still Image in Photoshop (Color Managed) vs Windows Image/FAX Viewer (non Color Managed). Still, there can be differences between players, for instance, if one views the same Video in WMP (Windows Media Player), I can almost guarantee that it will differ from playing that same Video in Apple's QuickTime Player.


          Good luck, and if you need more detail on gathering information on the Video, and the Project, please see this article: http://forums.adobe.com/message/3220274#3220274



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            It looks like we may be dealing with another FRAPS situation, Bill.