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    Premiere Elements 11 AVI Audio Issue


      Hey there,


      I'm fairly new to this software and am playing around in it to get a feel so bear with me if I'm completely overlooking the source of my problem.


      When I import my video to the editor, about an 8 minute .avi clip, the video plays at regular speed but the audio sounds like it's slowed immensly. (A low growl, can't tell if it's only bass or the audio slowed to 400% about.) I've tried speeding up the clip (audio included) and it just becomes a faster version of the slow growl audio. The original video plays fine in the clip organizer and in windows media. I've tried saving, rendering, etc. but it doesn't help. Non .avi clips seem to work fine, it's just the one's from my screen recorder (which may be the issue) that 'brake.' I hope someone understands what my problem is, any misunderstandings, feel free to ask.


      Thanks for your time, cheers.