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    hook-in / event on replication-end and configuration of replication options

    Paolo Tognola Level 1

      I have a case for having to replicate custom xml representations of nodes (cq pages and dam-assets) to a filesystem. additionally to create an index of said filesystem.


      i have created a content-builder/transport-handler pair with which i can set up several agent instances (as required) handlling different subpaths of the repository. all works fine.


      thing is i do not know how to hook in best the generation of the index... this abviously would be best generated upon completion of a given replication transaction.

      currently i have it at the end of the transport-handler, which is ok for the activation case (since activation transaction only transport one asset at a time and the jcr node already has the final status...) but not for deactivation deletion (since the transaction handles multiple paths and only the "parent" asset has the final status (during transport) while the "children" don't).


      is there a way to provide ReplicationOptions (making the thing synchronous and providing a ReplicationListener) within the normal framework? means not by providing it programmatically by calling agent.replicate() ?

      or is there any other hook/event at the end of a given replication (or possibly replication-transaction or possibly general osgi event)?


      somehow cq's normal behaviour seems to react to such an event (changing color stati of pages/assets in the website manager)...


      any help is greatly appreciated! many thanks in advance!