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    Problems importing footage


      I've been using Cineform AVI files in Premiere for many years, and now, switching from CS6 to CC, I'm having trouble importing footage. It seems almost random, but it clearly isn't.

      When attempting to import a bunch of files into a project, some of the files are rejected by Premiere CC as being "damaged or unsupported". Those same files do import without issues when a try importing them into a project in CS6.

      What makes CC so much more finicky than CS6?

      Is there a way to resolve this?


      This is quite a major issue, as I'm rtying to import the footage for a feature. That's a lot of footage, and too much of it is rejected by Premiere CC, and there is not even a way to export the list of files that were not imported.

      This really needs to be figured out.


      I'd include an example file, but those are quite large.


      please advise.



      Yuval Shrem

      Fable Entertainment