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    Alt text in Bridge


      How can I add alt text to my images in Bridge? I've read some of the forum posts that it's possible but can't seem to locate it. 



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          Conrad C Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There might be a misunderstanding in some posts as to what alt (alternative) text is.


          Bridge has a Metadata panel where you can enter information that can be embedded into some image file formats like JPEG. If you select an image and enter a Title, Description, Keywords, Copyright, etc. in the Metadata panel, when you upload the image to a website that knows how to extract that information (such as Flickr), the website may display the information with the photo on a web page.


          But that's not alt text. Web browsers look for alt text in the HTML/CSS code that places an image on a web page, not from inside the image itself. Bridge doesn't edit web page code so technically, there is no way for Bridge to create alt text on its own.


          Now, some websites may read the Description or Title in image metadata and convert it to alt text. If you're working with a web site that does that, and you know which field it converts, you could enter your text into the correct field in Bridge so that the website extracts it from the right place. But again, that alt text generation would be because of how that specific web site is coded to treat images; it would not be because entering alt text is possible in Bridge.


          On the other hand, if your real goal is to be able to enter a description (caption), keywords, or other metadata that can be read and displayed by the web site you are working with, then Bridge can do that. But metadata inside an image is not the same as the text in the "alt" attribute in HTML code.

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            Yammer Level 4

            You can add 'metadata' to images, if that's what you mean. "Alt text" is an HTML/web thing.


            You need to go into Bridge's menu: Edit > Preferences > Metadata, and enable IPTC Core -> Description.


            Then you can add a Description in the Metadata panel. This is the industry standard way of describing images.

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              Electroscribe_2015 Level 1

              I need to add alt tags to photos to achieve accessibility compliance (under Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act) for assistive reading.

              We want Adobe Reader to be able to "read" the alt tag information aloud; and we also need web browsers to do the same.

              I am a page layout specialist, and I know I can add Alt Tags with InDesign (or even Microsoft Word). But our Web Team also uses some of the same photos.

              Using a program like Bridge or Photoshop to add alt tags to the photos would eliminate duplication of effort.

              Our graphic designer tells me this can be easily done (but not out on Highway 61) using Bridge.

              Is there a way?

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                Laddrick Level 1

                I would also like to know if there is a way.  Right now it outputs [alt="%_tempFileName2015_10_01_MG_8253%"]

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                  I agree. This feature would enhance the productivity of thousands!


                  In the government, our images are being multipurposed for use in docs, epubs, pdfs and web. As we are required to be accessible (508 compliant), It would be helpful if the image editor can add the alt tag field ONCE and users downstream pull it in with the photo. I can pull meta data in indesign, but unfortunately alt tag is not a specific field. Since keywords and description have other uses in our agency, a defined alt tag field in the meta data of Bridge would be helpful.

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                    Stephen_A_Marsh Adobe Community Professional

                    Adobe InDesign has a feature for “Alt Text” at the object level using “Object Export Options”.


                    There are some hard coded metadata fields available, such as from (document) structure, XMP metadata TITLE, XMP metadata DESCRIPTION and XMP metadata HEADLINE.


                    The most flexible option is “From Other XMP”, I can post more on how to use this last option if this is what you are looking for as it may be a little unintuitive.


                    The metadata may come from Adobe Bridge, a digital camera or other software such as ExifTool.

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                      Stephen_A_Marsh Adobe Community Professional

                      Judith, you can make your own metadata panel and fields in Bridge and these will be stored as XMP metadata in the file, however my preference would be to use one of the many existing “standard” fields, unless you wish to maintain your own in-house metadata extensions.

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                        Stephen_A_Marsh Adobe Community Professional

                        More on using “Other” XMP Alt Text here:


                        InDesign Alt Text from Image XMP Metadata

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                          rickburress User Group Manager

                          Yes, please.

                          I'm receiving...

                          "Metadata property does not comply with the format <ns>:<path>"

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                            Stephen_A_Marsh Adobe Community Professional

                            That’s not a lot of info to go by…


                            The blogpost linked in my post #8 had the following info, regarding how to use File > File Info > Raw Data to find out the namespace info:


                            As an example, I’ll use the “Creator” metadata info that usually contains the author of the file (a person, company, organisation etc). You should find an XMP section such as:





                            <rdf:li>Stephen Marsh</rdf:li>




                            You will be interested in the following "namespace":




                            if there is only a single value against the creator, there is no need to supply an array value.


                            Another example, we can look at “Keywords” metadata. Bridge may have two Keywords entered against an image, such as: Australia, Sydney









                            If the goal is to use the second keyword, then in addition to the “namespace” of dc:subject one would also need to add an “array value” [2] for the second entry of Sydney:



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