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    FIG PanZoom & Collout

      Hello, i'm newbee in flex and i'm try to learn at this point, so excuse me if this is a stupid quest. at wrong place. :)
      Anyway, how can i combine collout example & pan zoom, how can i place the collout on the imageViewer so it can pan with the Image but not zoom. Thanks
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          No, that's a very good question!

          What we really need to intergrate the Pan|Zoom and Callout components is a CalloutManager class. I'll explain why below, but a CalloutManager is on the list of demo components we want to build to support the FIG, so stay tuned.

          Why the need for a CalloutManager?

          Your first instinct might be to layout all the callout instances in a big canvas on top of a map image and then wire the Canvas up to the Pan|Zoom controls. This would work, but the callouts would scale along with the map which, like you mentioned, isn't what you expect. This also brings up the discussion about Flash Player handling objects larger than 2880px, which is a big can of worms. (Has anyone noticed the Image in the Pan|Zoom demo is like 5860px wide? :) )

          What we need is a class that would control the visibility, position, and orientation of the Callout based on your view area. This CalloutManager would work like the Popup and ToolTip managers in the framework and would place the callouts on the System Managers Popup layer. The Popup layer floats above the application so the callouts would retain their scale while still pointing at the appropriate point.

          A CalloutManager would be helpful in a lot of other cases besides mapping applications. I can see using Callouts to highlight a change in a buttons state, for example. Or in places where a ToolTip is too general. Like I mentioned above, stay tuned. It's on the list. :)


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            Thank you! I will stay tuned. I'am experimenting with flex...
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              Hi Aaron,

              This seems an excellent idea and the two obviosuly go hand in hand! We currently have the ability with global maps, using Yahoo's excellent Yahoo Maps component but it would be great for example for a custom map, for example of a hoursing development with the plots for sale as call outs.

              Thanks for all your work on the FIG project. I look forward to the integration of Pan | zoom and callouts soon.

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                frenchi30 Level 1
                here here!! just what I was looking for. My app is with google maps, but wanted to use custom maps too.

                I also look forward to this intergration and thank-you for your hard work

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                  Any news on this? We desperately need this functionality asap...