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    Geolocation issue on andriod




      I am facing problem using geolocation for andriod. It's working prefectly fine on some andriod devices but its giving problem on others.





      In location Setting

      Use wireless networks - true

      Use GPS satellites - true


      When i first time run the application, its listening the "GeolocationEvent.UPDATE" event and i am getting latitude and longitude.

      Now, when i am turning off "Use wireless networks " and "Use GPS satellites " , the event "GeolocationEvent.UPDATE" is not listen.Which

      is expected.

      Now, i am turning both on again "Use wireless networks" and "Use GPS satellites", my application is not able to listen "GeolocationEvent.UPDATE" and my handler is not called.


      Please note, same code is working on android(2.3.7). Its working as expected but on other devices.

      What can be the reason for that?





      Below is my code for your reference :


      private var geoLocation:Geolocation;


      public function getDeviceLatAndLng():void




              geoLocation  = new Geolocation();










                                trace('NOT Supported')






      private  function handleLocationRequest(event:GeolocationEvent):void    







      Further, i have uncommented this from xml file for android:

      <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION"/>