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    Installing Flash Player on Mozilla Firefox 5.0 running on Ubuntu 10.04 32-bits?


      Hey Forum,


      I am having a problem downloading the flash player plugin on my browser. I'm not familiar with Ubuntu. I have downloaded all 4 options which was listed on the Flash player download site( .rpm ,YUM etc.) But it just downloads a snall file usually 7KB, what do I do with this? I have other plugins which I can play online games ad watch online videos, but "Chatroulette" requires the Adobe Flash Player. I will gladly appreciate a step by step procedure as to how I can install the plugin,thanks.


      I'm a rookie at Ubuntu, like I don't know how to execute/install files and stuff. The plugins I have mentioned above(which enables me to watch and play games) came by default with my laptop, so I have no idea how to install plugins on this system.