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    "CSAW version is not within the project range" - Whenever I Specify Any CS Version Range

    mlavie Level 1

      I just installed Extension Builder 2.1.


      I want my extensions to run on CS5, CS5.5 and CS6.


      Therefore, when I created my very first new Extension Builder project via the wizard, I specified that I wanted it to run on CS5, as the text below the drop-down stated explicitly that CS5.5, CS6 and CC would all be supported as well. I chose defaults for the rest of the wizard and pressed <finish>,


      So far, so good.


      Then, I opened up the Bundle Manifest Editor.


      Bad idea...


      Upon opening, the Bundle Manifest Editor immediately displayed a yellow warning message at the top of the Bundle Manifest Editor dialog, stating "CSAW version is not within the project range". I find this strange, since the New Project wizard for the Extension Builder project most specifically stated that a project targeting CS5 would support all later versions. So I tried lowering the dialog's Max Version dropdpwn from CC to CS6. No joy. I tried lowering it to CS5.5. Still no joy. Only when I lowered the max version down to CS5 did the horrific yellow warning message go away.


      I might add that the same holds true if I create a project for CS5.5, in which case my Min AND Max have to be CS5.5. If I specify Max=CS6, then I get the same yellow message,


      Could someone please explain this to me? What am I doing wrong?