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    Richard Broom Level 1

      Okay....I give in. I surrender.  That's it!


      Adobe InDesign CC crashes SO MUCH I have now dumped it and returned to InDesign CS6.  Please would someone from Adobe tell me when InDesign CC is a useable piece of software and I might start using it again.


      And yes, I did apply the patch that Adobe sent out a week or so ago.  InDesign STILL crashing all over the place.  Deeply frustrating.  I'm going off to find a place to lie down....


      Yours......very dissapoointed and I want my money back.



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          Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This is a user to user forum - where staff do sometimes reply - it's not very common.


          Your best bet to getting any help is to tell us other users:


          1. Current Operating System

          2. Nature of the crash

          3. Any crash reports

          4. Any specific behaviour that stops it working


          There are a lot of reports of InDesign crashing - and these have been answered and monitored at the moment - see the links on the main forum page for more information.


          Most notably this one:


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            Richard Broom Level 1

            Yes...sorry. All so very frustrating this morning that I just needed to plunge my head into a bucket of cold water (such is the nature of deadlines).


            MAC OSX 10.8.4


            Crashes when trying to do a data merge (a list of around 300 names with data source from .csv file)


            Crash report send but will append one here when the next crash happens


            Crashes when InDesign begins the data merge process.


            Crashed ever time I tried to data merge.  Have dropped back to InDesign CS6 which is doing the data merge with no problem.





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              Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Could be a character in one of the names or the words or something.


              Could you try splitting the list into 2 - try 150 data merge then try the other 150


              Then whichever breaks InDesign split that in half again and do 75 and 75 and so on until you find the data entry causing the hiccup

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                Richard Broom Level 1

                Thanks Eugene.  Will give it a try.


                Best Wishes



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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  If you want to share a crash report, please don't append it here. Instead, put it on pastebin.com and give us a link.

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                    Richard Broom Level 1

                    Really upset this end.  We lost a job today because we missed the deadline

                    because of InDesign crashing.  Really very hard for us now to do Adobe¹s

                    testing for them.  Tried to speak to Adobe and it was a complete joke.  Why

                    should I care about Adobe when it would appear Adobe can¹t even pick up the

                    phone and certainly they don¹t seem to care about us.  Very upset.  We

                    should have stayed with CS6.



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                      MW Design Level 5

                      Doesn't help the present situation. But my understanding is you can download cs6 from the cloud. I don't use CC, but others have done so.



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                        Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                        I'd be very upset, too, but personally I would never suggest starting a mission-critical project in a new version of any application. I do my new version testing on small stuff that can easily be rebuilt if necessary until I'm satisfied that there are no bugs that are going to prevent me from being able to work without fear in the new version, and that comfort level often doesn't come until after the first round service release (when the braver souls have found the bugs missed in beta, and there are ALWAYS bugs missed in beta because beta testers are a much smaller sample than the real world nad usually have different work habits than the everyday "average" user).

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                          Was having the same issue - InDesign CC on an iMac13,2 with OS10.8.
                          Merging a CSV with 500 numbers into an InDesign doc in a single spot, previewed fine, apparently merged OK, but hitting OK on the "no overset text" dialogue box crashes InDesign.


                          I did a little searching, did as this article suggested:
                          ....which was basically killing the cache and trashing prefs, and I've successfully merged the document first time


                          Good luck!



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                            Thanks Matt, I've been having this problem for ages, this solution worked for me.



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                              I had same issue while data merging InDesign document.... it crashed like several times as soon as I tried saving merged document.


                              Here is what I did and it solved the issue:

                              I was using InDesign CC

                              So I updated the CC to 2014 (latest available version)....

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                                Bozhinov Level 1

                                I had the same issue, with Muse CC. I have lost 5h work and invested 3 h in trying to figure out where the funk muse store its recovery files. Didn't manage to find it
                                I had the same issue with Indesign once, even didn't bother to search, I started straight away from scratch



                                You are not alone mate