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    Training Suggestions?

    LuckyClover Level 1

      We have been using RoboHelp to convert some of our hardcopy user documentation to WebHelp, as our client applications run on various OSs, on the Web. We will also be moving toward using strcutured FrameMaker for all of our product documentation and we will be focusing on single-sourcing methods (XML). (We are currently using Word for hardcopy documentation. Ugh.)

      I have found a lot of material online about using individual products (e.g., RoboHelp, Frame) for single sourcing, but I'm looking for some formal courses that will provide information about single source using documents generated in structured Frame, in XML format, and also how RoboHelp's XML conversion works. Can we use only one product for all single-sourcing (XML) or do we need multiple products (Frame and RoboHelp)? Can anyone recommend either a person or training facility in San Diego, CA, that can provide us with some guidelines for planning for and implementing XML?

      I've looked at the Adobe-provided training centers, but they don't appear to offer what we need:

      Any guidance/help is appreciated!