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    Script to activate the Color Separations Panel?


      I've Frankensteined together a script (javascript) using bits and pieces that I've found here that deletes unused swatches, deletes unused character/paragraph styles, and deletes unused text boxes.


      As the final function, I want the script to activate the separatations panel preview (with only the black separation visible). I haven't been able to find any scripts that "activate" a panel for me to manipulate.


      Any help would be much appreciated.


      ------ Additional information that you probably don't need to know but maybe you'll have some clever solution for my problem that I haven't thought of. ------


      If any graphic or text has InDesign [Black] applied to it, it doesn't output to our negative printer. This obviously causes problems if a designer fails to apply a colored swatch to a graphic or text and then fails to check the separation preview for [Black] items.


      I first thought that it'd be fine just to have the script notify the designer if any items in the job had InDesign [Black] applied... but there are two layers on every one of our jobs that use InDesign [Black]... so the "alert" script would have to omit those two layers when searching for instances of InDesign [Black]... and this all seemed much more complicated than just having a script activate the the Separations Panel with Black selected.)


      Again, thank you for your help.