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    InDesign CC need help with epub, Initial caps and indents

    Picturequest Level 1

      Hello gang!


      I don't have experience exporting epubs. I was given a book in Word format with all the images etc already in it. I've been playing with exporting for Kindle.


      1) The body text used a tab to indent the first line of a paragraph. That does not seem to transfer to epub. Any easy way for me to remove all those tabs, and applying a first line indent?


      I did not create the word doc, and the author did not conform to using styles:-( So I can't just change the body text style without effecting everything.


      2) There is a live text (not image) Initial cap. Any thoughts on creating Initial caps for epub? Should I create PNG versions and replace the font based Initial Cap with the image? Any other options.


      Is there a better font I can use to be able to "preview" the look in InDesign. The Doc used Baskerville Old Face.