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    creating and saving an excel file to server

      I built an application for a daily email reminder for students taking courses. At the bottom of the page I added a cfmail that sends an email to myself and lists some minor details about the report. This works fine. What I would like to do is use the query information that I've pulled and send that to an excel spreadsheet to save on the server that I could then add as an attachment with a cfmailparam to the email that sends to me. Sounds easy enough.

      I've tried cfcontent, cfsavecontent and cffile action="write" and I still don't see any file on the server. Am I missing something or not understanding these tags? Below is the various code that I've tried with a brief response of what I received. But at no time did the cfmail have an attachement. Any help with what I'm doing wrong is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Wendy