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    Adding/Populating Subforms from SQL Table Records




      I have a form I produced on LiveCycle Designer ES2.   I don't have a LiveCycle Server product. I am learning how to code using LiveCycle.


      The form has a subform ("Contactssubform") with the following fields: "FirstName", "MiddleName", and "LastName".   There is a dataconnection ("ContactsSQLTableDataConnection") between the form and a SQL table ("ContactsSQLTable") - the table has fields "TableFirstName", "TableMiddleName", and "TableLastName.  I want to be able to press a button on the form, and have the the # of instances of the Contacts subform be the same as the # of records in ContactsSQLTable.   I then want the each Contactssubform instance filled with a record from ContactsSQLTable.


      How do I code this in the Button click event?


      I've done a lot of research in the forums/internet to try and figure out the code, but haven't been able to do so.  I would have thought one could do something like this:

      -Loop through the records of the ContactsSQLTable

      -Add an Instance of the Contacts Subform for each record

      -Fill in the fields in the subform instance with the data form the table record



      for (x=1;x<xfa.sourceSet.ContactsSQLTableConnection.Records.Length;x++)



      xfa.Formpage.Contactssubform.FirstName = xfa.sourceSet.ContactsSQLTableConnection.Record.TableFirstName;

      xfa.Formpage.Contactssubform.MiddleName = xfa.sourceSet.ContactsSQLTableConnection.Record.TableMiddleName;

      xfa.Formpage.Contactssubform.LastName = xfa.sourceSet.ContactsSQLTableConnection.Record.TableLastName;




      I see instead I should be looping through the nodes of the data connection(?)  Having trouble understanding how to do that.


      Thank you for any assistance with this.