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    Max Possible Score Setting Incorrect

    NWNITT49 Level 1

      I have a Curriculum and Course set up where the course is a PowerPoint/Presenter document with an embedded quiz. When I look at the course, the max possible score shows as 80. There are 8 questions with a value of 10 each. So this is correct.


      I needed to override the score for one individual, so went into Reporting by user to override. In the override screen, the Max Possible Score shows as 20 and will not let me put a number greater than 20 in there.


      I looked at previous versions of the content under Reports, By Item, By Answers. What I found is that version 1 had a Max Possible Score = 20. The other 3 version have a Max Possible Score = 80. I looked at recent completion report records to see if those will also show a Max Possible Score = 20 in the Override screen and they do.


      How do I get this corrected such that when we need to override, we can put a score in that is appropriate?