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    Use of MergeTextFrames Script




      I'm trying to use the MergeTextFrames_ID javascript (ajarproductions) to thread all the stories on a document. It does work perfectly if I select the text frames on an un-threaded spread and run the script (with the "selected frames" option). the problem is that ID doesn't allow to select frames from different spreads, and I'm trying to avoid selecting and threading spread by spread.

      But if I select the "all pages" option when running the script; it doesn't do the job, If I have the Smart Text Reflow activated, it adds an empy page after the stories (not threaded), otherwise it leaves overset text; and it does not thread them at all. Am I doing something wrong or is there any change I should do on the javascript? Any other script that can do the job?.Thank you very much!!! (CS5.5 win XP)

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          S Hopkins Adobe Community Professional

          I don't have MergeTextFrames so can't tell if you are doing something wrong. I have an ExtendScript that I use (not extensively tested); but you could try it. It looks for all stories in the document (except those on Master Pages) and links text frames for the stories. The one caveat to the script is that stories have been added to the document in consecutive order. If you would like to try the script, email me at shopkins@xmission.com.