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    Is there any way to extend the recent projects list?

    VidNoob Level 1

      OK I have run into a dilemma that is making me furious. I somehow someway LOST the most recent project fileof something iw as working on. I have NO idea where it could have gone to, i did NOTHING to my computer since I have last opened the file that would have ended up deleting the file. The project file I opened that i believed to be the last one seems to be many many hours back. I am so furious right now to the point fo being sick. is there ANY way i can somehow extend the recent project file list so that I can sue that to find the project file?


      EDIT: Hell with it. I did an entire search on my comp for all files labeled .prproj and it's just gone. It's amazing. It's like someone literallys earched for that file and its autosaves and just deleted it. What a nightmare. Cant even believe this.