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    Making a slide show with ActionScript


      I know, I know...why aren't I using Powerpoint to do a slide show? Because I want to incorporate more detailed animation into the presentation that I can only do in Flash. My question is simply this: How do I simply make Flash move from one image to another via clicking? The script I was trying to use involved a stop on the frame and this:


      on (release) {

          gotoAndPlay(2) }


      ...on the image, which is a button. I don't get any errors upon export, but the functions still don't work. It remains stuck at frame 1.


      I don't want thumbnails or anything in this. Just to stop on frame 1,  click, then go to frame 2, stop, click. You get the idea. There will also be occasional animations and sounds happening over the images, which I imagine I can just use matching scripts for.


      Can anyone suggest what actions I can apply to frames and/or clips/buttons to achieve the slide show look?