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    Prores, DNxHD,etc and 32-64 bits


      I work at a tv station and we had a question on which codecs to use, having just made the switch to Premiere Pro CC. All our footage was 422 LT for the past few years, however with PPro CC being a 64bit system, we wondered if it was time to switch codec. 422 LT works on premiere Pro, but i have a few questions


      - Prores 422 LT needs to go through Quicktime, in particular Adobe QT32 - which is a 32bit application/system. This means that Adobe has to go through this system and is not really going at a 64 bit speed. However Quicktime X is a 64 bit program - however does ProRes422 LT use Quicktime X's 64 bit or the QT32 system? Im not too aware of how codecs work here: can it be set to 64bit via Quicktime X or is it set at 32bit.


      - Wrapper also matters here - i assume a .mov automaticly needs to go through Quicktime; again is that operated by quicktime X (64bit) or quicktime7 (32bit). Note that i have both on my Mac computer.


      - What would be a solid alternative then. I have heard of OP1-mxf - has anyone used it so far?

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          I believe QuickTime 7 is all that can be used, so it's 32 bit only for MOV files that PP can't see on its own.


          MXF is a much better container format, as it is just a container, unlike QuickTime which is a full multimedia framework.  MXF requires no installation (and hence never needs updating), doesn't launch a process when used so 32 and 64 bit mater not, it has no bugs or odd quirks - it just holds the video, audio and metadata.


          The down side is that because it's use is largely limited to professional circles, very few media players will let you watch an MXF file.  The only one I've found is VLC, and even that is fussy about which codec is inside the MXF.

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            Adaptat1on Level 1

            Thanks. I believe this has been resolved now with the last patch?


            From Amooney, October 2013 release of CC :

            New native file format support for Cinema DNG, Sony RAW, Phantom Cine, improved MJPG from Canon 1DC, Sony XAVC Long GOP, Panasonic AVC Ultra (Long GOP), 64 bit ProRes decoding (Mac OS X 10.8 or higher only)


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              cc_merchant Level 4

              See the blue info box here: Tweakers Page