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    How to: Text in a circle?




      I created the image below (mostly using a photoshop template I downloaded), but I created the outside text on my own, which I'm having a problem aligning properly.  If you notice in the below image, the outside text alignment looks bad.


      For the current version below, I used the Warp Text -> Arc tool, but it seems like that tool can't arc beyond a half circle, so I created 2 Arc'd text items and tried pushing them together, which creates the bad alignment you see.  Is there any way to create text in a perfect circle in photoshop (or any other adobe product)?





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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          Nice an easy you'll be pleased to know.


          • The first thing you'd want to do is place a pair of guides to mark the centre of the image, unless you already have a reference for the centre?


          • Now use the eliptical Marquee tool to draw a circle from that centre point. Place cursor on centre point, and hold down Alt (Opt) to make the circle open from that point, and Shift to force a perfect circle.
          • With that selection active, go to the Paths panel, and click on convert selection to workpath.
          • Select the text tool, and place the cursor close to the workpath, and start typing.  If you need it distrubuted as in your example, just use Centre justify, or rotate with Free Transform afterwards.
          • The text remains vectored and can be resized, or its radius changed as often as needed to get it right, using Free transform.
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            Goalie35_33 Level 1

            Thanks so much!


            It worked perfectly!