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    Beginner need help

      Can anyone please tell me what do I need to know before I start learning Flex,
      I dont have any programing knowleg so far,
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          camfieldaj Level 1
          While Flex and ActionScript can be elegant, I'm not sure this is where you want to start if you have no programming experience. If you're still in school, you probably want to enroll in a beginning class. When I was in college they started you out on PL/1. Today, I would hope that they would start you in Pascal, Perl, or even C. And get a discount card at Borders.
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            Thanx for the reply,
            can you tell me how can learning C help me learn programming in FLEX or AS,
            what do they have in common, is there a shorter way then learning another programming language?
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              camfieldaj Level 1
              With a very few exceptions, all programming languages have the same things in common. Conditional Statements -- If then else. Loops -- for(i=0;i<cnt;i++){} while(condition){} and the basic things that just about every program or script has to do. The biggest difference between languages is syntax. And in the *NIX world that is not so much, either. C/C++, Perl and even Flex are very similar when it comes to syntax. The reason you need to learn something like C is that it is older and there's a lot more documentation on it. There are gigabytes of code examples you can download, compile and change to your heart's content. Once you're comfortable with the basic training, moving to another language won't be that hard. And jumping from C to Flex would be a breeze.
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