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    Uploading a package with /etc/tags/something makes /etc disappear in CRXDE Lite in AEM 5.6?

    cmhdave73 Level 1

      We've found that when we upload a package to AEM 5.6 with /etc/tags in it, after it's imported the /etc directory completely disappears in CRXDE Lite.  It appears fine in CRXDE and in CRX Explorer but everything in /etc is gone in CRXDE Lite.  It's only when we upload a package that includes tags.  If it includes blueprints, designs, mappings, etc... almost anything else we want to upload to /etc it's fine.  Just tags.


      I see the same thing with I use vlt rsync to copy /etc/tags from a remote repository to my local... CRXDE Lite no longer shows anything under /etc.


      Anyone know what's going on here?