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    Premiere CC to Encore CS6 (bitrate?)

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      * A few times my media has been to big to fit the Disc (DVD & Bluray 25) when I export multiple Sequences from Premiere CC via AME to Encore CS6. Other times it looks like I could have upped the Bitrate/Quality Settings a little bit more and it would still have fit.


      Premiere CS6 to Encore CS6:

      I would Dynamic Link my Sequences and select 'Auto' Transcode Settings in Encore. This seemed to evaluate all of the media in the project and adjust the Bitrate/Quality Settings so everything fit the Disc.


      Premiere CC to Encore CS6:

      I have been exporting from Premiere CC via AME but guessing at the correct Bitrate/Quality Settings.


      Since Dynamic Link is no more...

      - What is the recommended way of figuring out the optimal Bitrate/Quality Settings for your media going to disc?