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    ACR Problem


      I'm using ACR 8.1, Photoshop CS6. After making all adjustments to a RAW file, I open the Workflow Options dialog box to resize the photo, but no alternative sizes are available in the drop down menu, only the default size (in this case, 16.1 MB for a Nikon NEF). Any ideas?

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          Click on the Resize to Fit button of the Image Sizing box and click on the arrows at the end of the button to bring up a pop-up menu where you can choose the parameters, then type in the desired values in the fields below that button (which are covered by the pop-up menu inn the screen shot):



          Wouldn't hurt to read the Help files and other documentation or watch video tuts on Adobe TV to find out what's new.

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            alanpell Level 1

            i was used to doing things the old way - with a pick list of sizes. truth be told, i prefer the old way.


            thanks for your answer - just another case of RTFM.

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              ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The old way only allowed a few common ratios of the original size so wasn’t generally useful.  Now Adobe allows you to enter in whatever size you want; however, at the moment, there is a bug that ignores sharpening and/or noise-reduction if the resize-ratio is too small—similar to the bug in Lightroom 5 affecting exports less than 1/3 the original size—so it appears Adobe share “code” between LR and ACR and shared the bug(s) as well.

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                Funny, I used it almost everyday. Found it very useful.

                Wish it was available instead of being disgarded because some found it 'wasn't generally useful".

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                  It's for the sake of progress and functionality.  The developer has to take the lead.


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                  Makes for a good quote even if it's made up.