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    Multiple Repeater problem

      I'm having troubles with a small Flex app that I'm currently developing. The problem can be best be described as follows.

      I have two (non-nested) repeaters within one canvas. They both are nested within in separate VBox tags and have a label tag within them.

      Their data providers point to the results of two separate HTTP services (i.e myHTTPService.lastResult). At application start up a send is done on the two HTTP services and the necessary labels within the repeaters are generated as expected.

      Each set of labels is then "scrolled" off the screen by doing a simple y tween (using the Tweener class), activated in the creationComplete handler of the label tags. Once the tween ends for each set of labels (they are of varying lengths so the tween is of a different duration for each) the url property of the of the associated HTTPService is changed and a send() done to get a new set of data. The HTTPService should then return, generate a new set of labels and the tween begins again.

      The problem is this:
      When the tween ends on repeater A, the url is changed and the the new set of data returns as expected (I've verified this with a trace statement in the event handler on the service). However, the new set of lables for repeater A is not generated until the tween ends on repeater B and it's related HTTPService is refreshed. At this time, both sets of labels are generated and the tweens kick off as expected, via the creationComplete. My intent was for the labels on repeater A to be refreshed (and the associated tweening start) independent of repeater B, rather them be synchronized as described.

      I'm having a hard time figuring out how this pseudo-synchronization came about. I have tried altering the creationPolicy on the VBox tags and also altering the concurrency propery on the repeaters, but this did not remedy the situation. I'm out of ideas on this one, so any help/suggestions are much appreciated.


      ps...another tidbit of info that may be useful is this. If I take repeater B out of the equation, then repeater A (and the associated labels/tweening) acts exactly as expected. That is, immediately the tweens end, the HTTPService is resent and the labels are created without any delay.