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    Startup script to load shortcuts — in a Citrix environment

    MadMac55 Level 1

      Let me offer a sample of what I have and ask if anyone knows how to fill in the gaps.


      For starters, a listening script upon booting up InDesign:


      #target InDesign

      #targetengine session


      //collect the name of current user

      var userName = getUser();

      function getUser() {

      var myUser = ($.os.substring(0, 7)=="Windows")

        ? $.getenv("USERNAME")

        : $.getenv("USER");

      return myUser;




      // var startupScriptsFolder = "/z/Scripting/Startup scripts/";

      var startupScriptsFolder = "/Applications/Adobe InDesign CC/Scripts/startup scripts/";

      var startupScriptFiles = Folder(startupScriptsFolder).getFiles();



      for (var i = 0; i < startupScriptFiles.length; i++) {





      then the script itself:


      #target InDesign

      #targetengine session



      //get or create folder for script preferences

      var scriptPrefsFolderPath = "/Users/madmac55/Library/Preferences/Adobe InDesign/Version 9.0/en_US/InDesign Shortcut Sets/";

      if (Folder(scriptPrefsFolderPath).exists == false) {



      var locationPrefsFilePath = scriptPrefsFolderPath + "/ MyShortcuts.indk";



      This hasn't worked for me and it's a hacked solution at best.  So I am wondering how to get it all to click.  In a Citrix environment (windows), Adobe puts the preferences in a hidden folder path ~/AppData/Roaming/   and this is where it's tough to find them — on the server(s) you land on.


      Because you land on an arbitrary server, you have to run the getUser statement first, then drill down inside.  I realize I have mixed paths of  Mac & PC, and I'm really writing abiout a PC environment, but paths are interchangeable.  It's the script that counts.