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    Losing type gradients when copying and pasting...


      I'm having an issue with gradient filled type in InDesign CS6 when copy & pasting. Everytime I select the type, wether by highlighting the type or selecting the type box, copy it and try to paste it into another document it loses the gradient. Well that's not entirely true, it loses the angle of the gradient so it looks nothing like the original it was copied from. The only solution I have found so far is to copy & paste the text box into Illustrator, turn it into a graphic and place it back into the original document. Doing this we lose the editability of the text but the gradient does not change.


      We just recently changed from CS2 to CS6 and we never had this issue in CS2. Does anyone have any ideas as to the cause of this problem? It is becoming very frustrating and time consuming trying to resolve this so we can keep from losing the editability of our ads.