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    coldfusion/java/jfreechart question

    ironyx Level 1
      Okay... so we have jfreechart working in coldfusion to do the dual axis chart in Coldfusion on Weblogic on our Windows Server. Then we tried to move it to test on Solaris *sigh*

      Well, when running Jfreechart on UNIX it uses an X11 thing to render the Java 2D unless you run in a headless state... so here is where I need help... (well, I need lots of help, but in this case... )

      There are two ways to do the headless thing...
      with a servlet -->java -Djava.awt.headless=true ... which I think we could set in a startup script but I am not sure about
      (not a servlet?) System.setProperty("java.awt.headless","true");

      I think (or am trying to think) we would do the second option in the code when we call the jfreechart with createObject but I am not sure (or sure how)... could someone help a little to explain to me. Sorry if this is simple... I appreciate the help!

      Thanks as always!