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    coldfusion/java/jfreechart question

      Okay... so we have jfreechart working in coldfusion to do the dual axis chart in Coldfusion on Weblogic on our Windows Server. Then we tried to move it to test on Solaris *sigh*

      Well, when running Jfreechart on UNIX it uses an X11 thing to render the Java 2D unless you run in a headless state... so here is where I need help... (well, I need lots of help, but in this case... )

      There are two ways to do the headless thing...
      with a servlet -->java -Djava.awt.headless=true ... which I think we could set in a startup script but I am not sure about
      (not a servlet?) System.setProperty("java.awt.headless","true");

      I think (or am trying to think) we would do the second option in the code when we call the jfreechart with createObject but I am not sure (or sure how)... could someone help a little to explain to me. Sorry if this is simple... I appreciate the help!

      Thanks as always!