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    UT Codec: Really Lossless?

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      After a lot of help from some of you guys on the "DNxHD Export Issues" thread, I have decided to use the UT Codec for lossless intermediates.


      So I exported from PP CS6 choosing YUV422 BT.709 (ULH2) VCM, set to match my 1080p 23,976 16:9 original footage.


      Comparing the original footage with the UT exported one, though, by placing both of them back into the timeline (couldn´t open the UT rendered one in any other player), I instantly noticed an overwhelming loss on the grayscale grading (haven´t checked for other possibles isues yet).


      Here´s what it looks like (I hope the difference will clearly show here):



      Original Render 2.png


      UT YUV422 BT.709 (ULH2) VCM:

      UT Render 2.png


      So, the question: is UT really lossless or I´ve got something wrong?


      To make things better, that issue does not occur with with the DNxHD export.


      Any hints?


      Thanks a lot.