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    Dynamic PDF document. (adding pages in between from time to time)



      I am working on a catalogue that will be expanded from time to time.

      On this catalogue there will be a couple of content pages that have hyperlinks link to the proper pages. If I add pages at the end of the this catalogue, hyperlinks will not get affected.

      However, if I want to include pages inbetween this will bring the whole content page refering to the wrong pages. For example: on content page; apple - page 10 goes to page 10.

      If you add 5 more pages after for example page 5. Now, on content page; apple - page 10 still goes to page 10, but should in fact goes to page15.


      So the question is, is there ways where the links automatically goes to the right pages; Where the links automatically changes to refer page 15?


      I hope someone can help me.