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    Export Settings Dialog

    Jim_Simon Level 8

      I think the Premiere Pro team needs a better promo guy.  There were at least two really awesome new features in CC7 that never got promoted.  And now with the 7.0.1 update, the second best 'fix' aside from the multicam issue is that the Export Settings dialog now remembers it's size after closing.  Up until CS6, we could set the size of that window and it would always open at that size.  CS6 broke that, and once you closed Premiere Pro, the damned window would open at it's default, 'way to small' size and we'd have to resize it again.


      That same bug carried over to CC7, but it seems the patch has corrected it.  YES!!!  Even after closing and relaunching Premiere Pro, the Export Settings keeps the size it was when I closed PP.


      Man, that should have been the very second item on the list of fixes/features, instead of nowhere to be found.


      (It's funny how the little tings can tweak some people just right, and the joy that comes at a resolution. )