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    Green screen workflow question

    bradmagnus Level 1

      I'm currently rendering out (fingers crossed) the last pass of what has turned out to be a giant headache of a project. The client provided 50gb of green screen footage, which was interviews of 8 individuals, about 1 hour each interview. On top of that each was shot on a different camera, some SD, some HD. I'm generally a designer and motion graphics animator in After Effects.


      Let me explain what I did for process, and please tell me how I could make my life easier in the future!

      1. Import the hours of footage into Premiere and trim to just the 10-30 seconds of footage taken from each interview.

      2. Import the Premiere sequences into After Effects and KeyLight.

      3. Render MOV's with alpha (all footage from individual interviews)

      4. Trim key'd clips (each interview had several snippets that were sprinkled along the 6 minute timeline) and add lower thirds, intro and outro animations in Ae


      When I write it out, it doesn't seem very complicated, but it's been a giant pain. I've spent hours trying to match volume. Finally rendered out the final trim and pulled that audio track into Audition to edit... Any help is appreciated. What makes it most complicated was the several different sources all with different lighting and keying needs as well as different frame sizes.