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    Memory limit for layers and PSE9 quitting unexpectedly

    Carol C dds

      I am having a reoccurring problem with PSE9 shutting down unexpectedly.  I followed your forum instructions as listed and it did not correct the problem: 


      Quit the editor, then go to your username>library>preferences and delete:

      1. com.adobe.PhotoshopElements.plist

      Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 paths

      Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 settings

      If you use 10.7 or higher, that library is hidden. To see it, click the Go menu in the Finder and hold down the Option key. It will appear below the little house for your user account. Also if on 10.7 or higher, while you're in there go to the Saved Application States folder and delete any pertaining to PSE.

      Repair permissions and try again.

      I did several layers on my project, and PSE9 shut down.  I reopened it when given the option, layered some more images, then tried to save the project, and PSE shut down again.  I shut down PSE, I turned the computer off, and restarted both the computer and PSE and the program shut down again unexpectedly.  Is there a limit to how many layers I can have open with raw images when I have 8 gigs of RAM?

      I also worked twice with senior advisors at Apple and troubleshooted my hard drive.  I was assured everything on my computer was running as it should.  They both said it was a PSE software problem and I should contact PSE.  Please help!  Carol