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    Output format for responsive online help?



      I have TCS 4.0 (RoboHelp HTML and FM 11) and I want to create online help for a web server built into a product. The web server is used to set up the product using a web browser.

      What I would like to have:

      • Import from FrameMaker
      • Online help which is responsive, i.e. it must be adjusted and look right on tablets, smartphones and PCs. For example, for tablets and smartphones I want to hide the TOC when a topic is selected.
      • Preferably only one output system. I tried creating Multiscreen HTML5, but I think it gets too large and there are too many layouts to adjust. I would prefer to have one layout that is adjusted according to screen size. I would like to keep it as simple as possible.
      • Context sensitivity.

      Could someone help me in the right direction? Is it possible at all with Robohelp to get all this, and if yes, which output format should I use?