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    color challenged user needs help


      I'm redesigning my website and sadly I'm not as good at matching colors as I am at developing. The problem I'm having is the swatch pallettes are only a few colors when I'm need of more matching colors in a pallette. Is there a way I can get more? I can't see how to do it since there are only 5 spots where they're generated. But I'm hoping that someone has a workaround that might be well known among this circle, but not so for us non visual designer folks.


      Secondly, I'm the type that will wear vertical striped shorts with a horizontal striped shirt and find nothing wrong with it (luckily my wife is around to correct me). My second question, is there a right or wrong way to use a specific color scheme? What I mean is, when using the 5 colors is there a rule that you should keep certain ones next to each other and and not say for example put swatch #1 next to swatch #4? As an example so you know what I mean, let's say I have a 2 column website and I want each column to be a different color using a scheme. Is it bad to use swatch #1 for one column and swatch #4 for the other column?


      As you see I'm in big trouble when it comes to colors and your advice  would be appreciated.