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    Is there a way to add files to a package without repackaging in a new folder?

    felluponthieves1 Level 1

      So I'm working on this promotional binder for a company. I'm working section by section including photos and whatnot. Anyways, I got to a certain point with one section and packaged everything so I could start anew the following day.


      My question is this: is there a way for me to add files to the InDesign file I already packaged WITHOUT having to repackage in a new folder and archive the old one?


      I mean it just seems to me that I SHOULD be able to select the package option and the work would repackage/update the package, much like a Word file would when you select the save button.


      (And if there isn't, is someone at Adobe paying attention that could make this a possibility? That would be fantastic.)