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    Using Templates for website outline?




      I'm starting to use Dreamweaver to create a website.

      In this website I want most of the pages to have a similar outline (e.g. same/almost same div based outlne, logo picture and its location, navigation menu, footer) with some content, as well as some specific outline (in the main part of the page) different in every page.

      As I understand, one way to do it in Dreamweaver is to create the desired outline for the first page, and then use it ("save-as") to generate the other pages.

      Another option that seems "cleaner" to me is to define the "constant" parts (outline + menu + logo etc.) as one or more templates to be used by the entire website pages. Then I can easily change the outline/parameters of all the pages at once.

      I am wondering what is the trend/recommendation to go with... (although I'm sure different people are doing it differently). Would be happy to hear from some experienced/experts - how you do it?