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    Flash CC not closing files, but displaying confirmation message in the output panel


      Hi everyone,


      I have a JSFL file that basically iterates through some of the frames of an ordinary flash file to validate it has some specific frame labels inserted.


      The thing is, after I've ran this once against any flash file, no matter what the result is (either it finds the labels or it doesn't and it traces the result in the ouput panel) flash CC does this weird thing... I try to close any flash file I have open which has some unsaved modifications, and instead of prompting me if I want to save the changes, I see the message in the output panel:


      Save changes to "green_fire_dragon.fla"?


      So I can't actually close the file because I can't click OK! If I try to close Flash itself I get the same thing.


      Can anyone explain this? Thanks!


      PS: Not sure if it will make a difference but I can post the javascript code if necessary.