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    youtube fullscreen acceleration


      Why is it that, when I play videos on fullscreen they play very slow and at cutting speed.??

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          Mike M Level 6

          A lot of that has to do with:

          1. Your network interface card (NIC)

          2. Your processor speed

          3. Your video card and Video RAM installed


          For instance, I have a 2007 e-machine with WIndows 7 - an AMD Sempron processor at 2.1gHz, NVidia network card and "onboard" graphics with only 128mb of Video RAM. On a wireless connection, YouTube videos are very "choppy" in full screen. By comparison, I have a new MacMini with a Corei5 (quad core) processor at 2.5gHz, and Intel graphics with 1024Mb of Video RAM, and Realtek network card. Fullscreen videos play like television on it.