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    Edge Parallax Issue's


      Hi Guys,


      This is a parallax site I'm creating.




      I have three issues.


      1. The page doens't  load the first time and we have to refresh the site.

      2. Sometimes, when scrolling down after the first screen renders, nothing happens (i.e., the page doesn’t load).

      3. The page doesn’t load well or at all on iphones (safari). and ipad.  


      Guys please help me if you guys know why is these issues occurs.


      Thank you!


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          iodex Level 1

          Hi Kasun.


          It looks to be working on my Mac using Safari, Firefox and Chrome.  I have been following this post




          To help with my project. Hope this helps.

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            Zaxist Level 4

            your design will not work at low speed internet ( under 1.5 Mbps ), this is the edge design problem, and they know it but they cant fix this problem for now !!


            and i personaly tried everything and i used all of my knowledge and more than 50 hours of my time to fix this problem but i couldn't

            i tried

            • minifi my code
            • using straight code
            • obfuscating my code
            • put preload codes straight to html
            • publish with CDN
            • without CDN
            • using adobe CDN
            • using head.js plugin to push them to load


            and many many other things...


            but none of them worked for me


            if internet speed is low at the first time you try to open your site you will face AdobeEdge.okToLaunchComposition is not a function

            and your site will not work until you do a refresh, sometimes you need to do more than 5 times refresh to make it load completely


            this is no server issue or your problem, this is Adobe Edge Problem and you can't do anything about it...

            you can see it with adobe demo project on adobe site, they wont load for the first time too


            we just can wait until they find a way to fix this problem





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              kasunshana Level 1

              Thank you

              Ride-To-Heaven, and Zaxist for your comments.


              Zaxist, seems like you're right. I also tried optimizing images and enabling gzip on my server but nothing helps to load this on the first time. Actualy first time surely site doesn't work. But the second time seems like Ok.


              Anyway thank you for your valuble reply!

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                Zaxist Level 4

                you're welcome


                i hope they fix this problem soon, cause with this problem Adobe Edge Animate will never get popular as i told before



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                  heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

                  Hi Kasun, works well in all browsers, and though I do not have an ios device, but on my Android tablet its stuck on the 'preloader'.

                  Perhaps this is the culprit, have you tried a version without the preloader? It may help resolve/pinpoint the issue.



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                    Zaxist Level 4

                    Dear Darrell


                    as long as i know we cant run our project without xxxxxx_edgePreload.js


                    how is it possible ?


                    and if you mean Preloader gif file ? this have nothing to do with load project

                    it's just a pic that show you and without it you see a blank white page, thats it !!



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                      kasunshana Level 1

                      Hi guys,


                      I also don't think it's a issue with the preloder. I have two edge animations in that page. The biggest issue is the second animation doesn't work every time.


                      I have refresh the page to work it.. seems like as Zaxist said. Still Edge is not suitable for this type of project..


                      I'm now in a big troble with my client. And I still didn't able to fix these issues.



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                        heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

                        Zaxist, Kasunm just trying to assist on what I See.

                        The latest browsers (from my end) it appears fantastic (at least Kasunm, example project / Zaxist, I am not familiar with your example project)


                        Just trying to troubleshoot if the preloader is the issue - only on the fact it does not complete on my Andorid tablet.


                        Kasunm, do you mind posting the zip files? I and others may be able to disect it and pool together a working solution.



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                          Zaxist Level 4

                          Dear Darrell


                          his site will work perfect without any problem on all browser on One condition and that is high speed internet connection !!


                          i know a way that would make you see this erro on your side


                          here is a application Cproxy

                          as you can see from the name this application will set proxy on your computer to see restricted site that our government will restricted access some times


                          install this program and then run it, it will set this proxy on your internet explorer so your google chrome will youse it and if you have firefox you need to set in manualy by entering these settings on your network configuration in firefox option


                          server or address :              Port : 3128


                          or just check use system proxy to use it from IE settings


                          then just try to open a page


                          if you see this message :


                          our servers are fully loaded and you are using demo version...


                          just change server to another so you can be able to browse


                          but if you saw this message


                          you are using demo version .... and you will be redirect within 10 sec


                          just wait to redirect to your page



                          well this program will restrict your internet speed at 128k or 64 or 32k


                          then if you try to load edge pages you will never get it to load for the first time because you are now on low speed internet connection


                          here is the link to program :





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                            iodex Level 1



                            kasunshana this might be a shot in the dark, but I wonder if it would load faster if they where SVG graphics exported from  illustrators. do you mind posting the zip files?  

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                              kasunshana Level 1

                              Hi Zaxist,


                              Do we have a way to merge preloaders in to a one ?


                              Because of when I changed the preloader loading strucutre. Now the first animation doesn't work first time . http://captainonezero.info/Atreo/   .. if you open this on a incognito tab on a chrome. First time first animation doesn't work. Only show the progress bar. 

                              But on second refresh it works...

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                                kasunshana Level 1

                                Hi Ride-to-heaven,


                                I optimized the png to the best using


                                . All images size only 700Kb. I don't think that will be a issue.

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                                  Zaxist Level 4

                                  how did you change the structures ?


                                  and your answer is yes we can merge them together to make one preloader