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    Arial Narrow Font Issue

    Mojorocker1964 Community Member

      I'm working with Windows XP and Illustrator CS5. The font Arial Narrow displays condensed. None of the other Arial faces show any problems. Just Arial Narrow. I have tried deleting the font list from Illustrator with no luck. I tried to remove the font to replace it with another Arial font. The system won't allow it. Some how the metrics of just the Arial Narrow font have been currupted. Is there anyone who has had this problem, or is there a cure. Strange.

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          Mike Gondek2 ACP/MVP

          Since arial narrow is a condensed font, without a screenshot I am guess ing that you are saying the font is coming up more condensed than it should be.


          How does the preview look outside of illustrator? What version or arial narrow do you have, I recommend one of the newer opentype versions.


          Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 9.59.33 AM.png

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            Mojorocker1964 Community Member

            My bad I ment that Arial Bold looks condenced and not bold. I have narrow on the brain.

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              Mike Gondek2 ACP/MVP

              Have you tried restarting, and hate to ask but did you checked for no horizontal scaling on type.


              Clean your font cacahe on PC




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                Mojorocker1964 Community Member

                Yeah, I deleted the AdobeFnt*.lst, ran CCleaner, Installed Amp Font Viewer. I also tried to replace the font with an version from another computer. It won't let me..I'll try the rebuild font cache next. Ill let you know how it turns out. brb.

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                  Mojorocker1964 Community Member

                  No good. I'm running out of idea's. The rest of the styles are fine. If you select the text and change it to italic-fine or normal-fine, bold itallic-fine, but change it to just bold and it's about one half the length and not bold. Imagine taking the block of text and grabbing the horizontal sizing handle and squeezing it to half it's length. Somewhere in the Arial font coding for bold, it's gone south. Any idea's?

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                    Mike Gondek2 ACP/MVP

                    I believe the .lst font files only exist on mac, and the PC .lst file are some MS office format.


                    Have not used amp font viewer as I have suitcase on my Win machine, but try closing all unnecesary fonts, especially arial narrow. I do remember an ID conflict with one of the olders versions of Helvetica Neu with arial.


                    Did this used to work before and is something that started up recently, you may want to look into what new installs you had, search through and kill your processes one by one, or do a system restore.


                    Finally I would look at your copy of arial bold, and disbale that and install and opentype version. The newer opentype version will probably use one fo the newer FOND IDs adn you will have access to more characters and be crossplatfrom. If you cannot disbale arial bold, then it is the version that is one of the sytem core fonts, and you can try repairing your windows install which may replace that.


                    You may have a bad sector, run checkdisk