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    7/11, not 9/11

    Harm Millaard Level 7

      I had planned to announce this on my 11th anniversary of joining these Adobe forums (8/11), but several things made me change 8/11 to 7/11. Still, almost 11 years on the Adobe forums, more than 20,000 posts and judging by the number of points gathered in those years, not all my posts were utter rubbish. Some of you may have found one or two to be helpful.

      But, luck never lasts a lifetime, unless you die young.

      The same happened to me. My luck has run out. In no way comparable to the tragic loss of 9/11, so this is certainly no big deal, but I felt I owed it to you to explain my reasons.

      I’m leaving the forums. It is Time to Say Goodbye…

      My time on the forums has mostly been pleasant, and I enjoyed sharing what little I know about editing and hardware to help others, despite that some of you perceived me to be an arrogant know-it-all. Well, you can’t please everybody, especially if you are the bearer of bad news, as happened regularly on the hardware forum.


      But all things come to an end eventually.

      There are two things certain in life: Taxes and Death.

      Some argue that taxes are even worse, because you have to pay them every year, death only happens once in a lifetime.

      Well, that brings me to the reason for my departure. Adobe has levied a new tax with the introduction of CC, their Cash Cow model. This was not done in a democratic process, it was a single sided action and there is no guarantee that Adobe tax rates will not rise significantly in the near future. Governments have done it often when they needed money and what would stop Adobe from doing the same thing? Once on the Cash Cow wagon you are hooked for life. There is no return.


      As I said, taxes are worse than death, because you have to pay taxes every year, instead of only once in a lifetime. Luckily, there is no legal obligation to pay those Adobe taxes. I refuse to be held hostage by Adobe, I will not voluntarily put on Adobe tax hand-cuffs. Jeez, I hate taxes…

      So, I decided to leave Adobe. I will not rent. I will not submit to their taxes.

      I offered them a lump sum payment for a lifelong subscription of CC, exactly like you do with the authorities in certain tax-havens, but no…

      I’m not going the Cash Cow route. No Harm done. I’ll continue using CS6 or switch to Avid Symphony or Edius.

      There are three kinds of people:
      1. Those who make things happen,
      2. Those who watch things happen,
      3. Those who wonder what happened.

      The first category is the group that make a clear statement not to pay Adobe taxes, the second category is the group who have accepted the Cash Cow model, possibly lured by the attractive first year pricing or the lack of a valid upgrade path, and the third category is where the majority of the subscribers end up after tax rates have been increased, which is inevitable.


      My decision to leave Adobe does have consequences for the PPBM benchmark test. I can’t speak for Bill, but I will no longer put any effort into developing a Cash Cow version of the benchmark, so the CS6 version, as far as I’m concerned, is the latest version. Avid and/or Edius may well receive a new benchmark they never had.


      I hope I haven’t offended too many people here.

      Time to Say Goodbye...


      Mods: Since I posted in several forums, I posted this message in several forums as well. That is double or even triple posting. Given your increased sensitivity lately about anything that deviates from Adobe Marketing hype, you may want to make this an Announcement, a RIP if you so wish.

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Sorry to see you go, your hardware advice will be missed... but at least you were still here to be able to see Adobe's annoncement that they WILL fix the CS6 bug for AVCHD

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            MikieZZ Level 1

            Happy trails Harm!


            I too will not be part of CC.



            Best regards,



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              RjL190365 Level 4


              It's sad to see you go. Good luck on your new endeavors.


              It's time for me to say goodbye, too - but for a different reason. I, too, will not be part of CC for the foreseeable future. But my reason for leaving is more financial than anything. I really did bite off significantly more than I could chew. Unfortunately, for NLEs, I simply cannot find a viable alternative that I can afford that's comparable. None of the affordable ones offer GPU acceleration at all - and very few of the "prosumer" ones offer such a feature.


              Therefore, I am now at a point where I am considering significantly downgrading some of my hardware. For my auxiliary system, I will consider pulling its GTX 560 GPU and stick with the CPU's integrated graphics. For my main system, I will consider selling off its GTX 560 Ti 448 and putting in the GTX 560 that would be pulled from my auxiliary rig. (The money that I would have gotten from selling off the GTX 560 non-Ti would not be enough to pay for even a new GT 640 - let alone a new GTX 650 Ti Boost - and my main system's motherboard is a P67 board that requires a discrete GPU just to even wotk at all.) Or maybe I will keep what I have and make no significant upgrades to either system.

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                Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                some of you perceived me to be an arrogant know-it-all


                I prefer to think of it as "tounge in cheek" humor.



                I, too, will not rent and am sticking with P Pro CS5.5  It's too bad, as I was looking forward to more features as an excuse to purchase CS7.

                I will still linger here as long as it is helpful to me and I might be of help to others (very little, perhaps).


                Good luck and best wishes.

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                  JFPhoton Level 3

                       I would personally like to thank Harm Millard for all the work he has done, and the very knowledgeable advice he has given on this forum. As a newcomer, I, ( along with many others, I'm sure), was greatly helped by his detailed and tested information regarding appropriate hardware for PPro. In fact....I will go one step further......I believe Adobe owes this man a LARGE debt of gratitude for the help he has given PPro customers !!!!!!....FAR BEYOND the vague and misleading information Adobe has provided in the past. With his PPBM test, he has established that certain hardware......which is FAR CHEAPER than Adobe suggested setups......can provide the top performance for PPro customers, without breaking the bank, as Adobe would have you do with their "Maximus " configurations and Quadro cards. As a new customer to PPro, I was MISLEAD about what equipment would run the software......in fact......I would have needed a "wormhole" to the future to view any rendered previews with that system that Adobe said would be sufficient. I quickly found out through HARM MILLARD'S advice on this forum....NOT FROM ADOBE...... what would work well......without spending too much.

                      Harm has been an enthusiastic ambassador for Adobe and has served many as an "unofficial" customer support advisor.....enabling frustated clients to solve their problems and have a good experience with the software. I am starting to wonder why Adobe would want to alienate someone who has been so helpful to their customers.

                  If I were them, I would give Harm Millard and Bill Gehrke free lifetime subscriptions to ANY Adobe software in recognition of the work they have done. Don't cruise lines give travel agents free cruises.......don't concert promoters give radio DJs and newspaper reviewers free tickets ???   I support Harm's position concerning the awful concept of "creative cloud"....what will happen when Microsoft and ALL the other companies do this ????? What about the consumer rights that are being TRAMPLED to death ?? People are being GOUGED by companies at an alarming rate....airlines want to charge for OVERHEAD BINS and checking in at the airport !!! What Adobe is doing is PART OF THIS MOVEMENT !!! Corporations are TAKING ADVANTAGE of a lack of government attention and enforcement of consumer rights laws.....deliberately releasing products that are flawed and assuming no responsibility for any damages caused. As Harm is illustrating....the ARROGANCE is unlimited!!

                      I wish Harm only the best and hope to see him again somewhere in the future on the web......he has been not only technically brilliant,but, VERY entertaining as well....I've had many chuckles as he's berated underpowered systems ,or, made fun of "Quirktime" !!! Maybe I'll see him someday in Holland......hopefully NOT in one of those funny shops behind the Krasnapolski Hotel in Amsterdam !!!!!!!!

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                    wonderspark Level 1

                    Thank you, Harm, for the help you personally gave me, and all the others here. With your help, I have built my still-solid Mac Pro with an Areca RAID system, and learned more about RAID than I might have without you. I'd never considered RAID 3 before talking to you, and though I chose to work with RAID 6, I enjoyed learning which was best for me.


                    I've been editing with Adobe since Premiere 4.2, through every version (skipping ONLY CS4) all the way to CS6. I'm not 100% against CC just yet, but I do agree CC = CashCow is a fitting moniker. I'm still researching the reality of bugs and pains in new versions today, and what that means as a CC user... If I can hold back on upgrades using stable versions of CC while bugs in the most recent version are fixed, I *may* someday move to CC... if there is something there worth the move from CS6. I've also used Avid, Final Cut and even Media100, haha... There is more than one way to edit video, of course, and the Top Dog is never on top forever. I know the purpose of business is to maximize profits, and just like them, I do the same in my business.


                    We humans are great at improving our methods and techniques, and you, Harm, were one of the even greater ones here to help others improve together. I travel to Amsterdam semi-often, and would love to meet you someday, before that final destination of death that you refer to. Best wishes to you in this life, and the next!

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                      JEShort01 Level 4



                      Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the countless hours of your life that you have poured out:

                      - with your contributions in the PPBM series of benchmarks and not-for-profit web site(s),

                      - with lots of good how-to guides in this Premiere hardware forum, and last but not least...

                      - with carefully written forum posts - rich with information and sprinkled here and there with dry wit; 20,000+ posts could indicate you have quickly answered many times, but that has surely not been the case with your contributions here!


                      You are a legacy indeed! Your advice all over this forum will become stale in years to come, but it will take time. Your rich contributions will continue to help others for a long time indeed.


                      Adobe is losing a strong champion with your moving on. Personally I will miss you a lot here even if your knowledge starts showing up more and more elsewhere on the www.


                      I am on CC for the time being, but who knows what the future could bring. Personally, I've always been passionate about Photoshop since the early 90's, but for video editing I've switched a few times already:

                      - linear editing through 1999,

                      - Adobe Premiere (Matrox RT2500 / Pinnacle Pro-One hardware assisted solutions) through 2003,

                      - Liquid Edition with ATI video card acceleration through 2008,

                      - Adobe Premiere Pro CS3/CS5/CS6/CC since then.


                      Best wishes to you and your family!





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                        ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                        Harm you are reminding me of how much mroe testing I have to do now. Edius and MC7 sheesh. Did you get a chance to checkout Lightworks?




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                          Alan Craven Level 4

                          Thank you, Harm.  Your advice will be sorely missed here!


                          Whichever software provider has the good fortune to acquire you as a user will receive a great boost.

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                            ExactImage Level 3

                            Thank you for your work Harm. It's been enlightening. But I'm with you on the CC front.  At this point it looks like CS6 will be my last Adobe product.  I'm now actively looking elsewhere.

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                              TheCoroner9 Level 1

                              Thanks for your contributions Harm.

                              You're not alone. I agree 100% and leaving as well.


                              I don't rent my tools. I don't subscribe to software.


                              No CC for me. Ever.

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                                Thanks for all your input Harm.

                                Good luck with your endeavours and I might have to check out the avid.

                                Any way we can keep track of your advice on video editing in general?

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                                  cc_merchant Level 4

                                  I'm hoping Harm will use the PPBM site to publish stuff that is worthwhile on the hardware front.


                                  It looks like he has already added a menu option 'Tweakers Page' that may be filled with hardware related info in the future. See Tweakers Page.

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                                    UlfLaursen Level 2

                                    Would sure be great with such a page.



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                                      This is extremely sad news.  Harm has been my lifeline to quality advice on hardware and software choices.  Harm has been the constant, teaching beginners and professionals from his vast wealth of knowledge.

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                                        cc_merchant Level 4

                                        It appears Harm has published his first article on Disk Setup: Tweakers Page, Disk Setup.

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                                          UlfLaursen Level 2

                                          Thanks for sharing this link, CC - it's great stuff.



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                                            cc_merchant Level 4

                                            Another article by Harm seems to have appeared magically. He must be in the writing mood. See Tweakers Page, To Raid or not to Raid which adds some more background to raids than previously on the Adobe forums.


                                            Suggestion to the mods & administrator: Include this link in the Hardware FAQ section for those who want to read more about hardware: Tweakers Page.

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                                              Kranex1 Level 1

                                              Yes, CC is "great stuff". But the cost of admission is too great. I agree with Mr. Millaard on all counts. Take care sir, your input and dedication helped put this forum on the map. Too bad Adobe chose not to be as dedicated to patrons like you as they were to it.