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    7/11, not 9/11

    Harm Millaard Level 7

      I had planned to announce this on my 11th anniversary of joining these Adobe forums (8/11), but several things made me change 8/11 to 7/11. Still, almost 11 years on the Adobe forums, more than 20,000 posts and judging by the number of points gathered in those years, not all my posts were utter rubbish. Some of you may have found one or two to be helpful.

      But, luck never lasts a lifetime, unless you die young.

      The same happened to me. My luck has run out. In no way comparable to the tragic loss of 9/11, so this is certainly no big deal, but I felt I owed it to you to explain my reasons.

      I’m leaving the forums. It is Time to Say Goodbye…

      My time on the forums has mostly been pleasant, and I enjoyed sharing what little I know about editing and hardware to help others, despite that some of you perceived me to be an arrogant know-it-all. Well, you can’t please everybody, especially if you are the bearer of bad news, as happened regularly on the hardware forum.


      But all things come to an end eventually.

      There are two things certain in life: Taxes and Death.

      Some argue that taxes are even worse, because you have to pay them every year, death only happens once in a lifetime.

      Well, that brings me to the reason for my departure. Adobe has levied a new tax with the introduction of CC, their Cash Cow model. This was not done in a democratic process, it was a single sided action and there is no guarantee that Adobe tax rates will not rise significantly in the near future. Governments have done it often when they needed money and what would stop Adobe from doing the same thing? Once on the Cash Cow wagon you are hooked for life. There is no return.


      As I said, taxes are worse than death, because you have to pay taxes every year, instead of only once in a lifetime. Luckily, there is no legal obligation to pay those Adobe taxes. I refuse to be held hostage by Adobe, I will not voluntarily put on Adobe tax hand-cuffs. Jeez, I hate taxes…

      So, I decided to leave Adobe. I will not rent. I will not submit to their taxes.

      I offered them a lump sum payment for a lifelong subscription of CC, exactly like you do with the authorities in certain tax-havens, but no…

      I’m not going the Cash Cow route. No Harm done. I’ll continue using CS6 or switch to Avid Symphony or Edius.

      There are three kinds of people:
      1. Those who make things happen,
      2. Those who watch things happen,
      3. Those who wonder what happened.

      The first category is the group that make a clear statement not to pay Adobe taxes, the second category is the group who have accepted the Cash Cow model, possibly lured by the attractive first year pricing or the lack of a valid upgrade path, and the third category is where the majority of the subscribers end up after tax rates have been increased, which is inevitable.


      My decision to leave Adobe does have consequences for the PPBM benchmark test. I can’t speak for Bill, but I will no longer put any effort into developing a Cash Cow version of the benchmark, so the CS6 version, as far as I’m concerned, is the latest version. Avid and/or Edius may well receive a new benchmark they never had.


      I hope I haven’t offended too many people here.

      Time to Say Goodbye...

      Mods: Since I posted in several forums, I posted this message in several forums as well. That is double or even triple posting. Given your increased sensitivity lately about anything that deviates from Adobe Marketing hype, you may want to make this an Announcement, a RIP if you so wish.

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          streamthis Level 1



          Due to your guidance, expertise and wisdom, 3 years ago I purchased hardware that still performs beyond my dreams.  Like  you, I will not be boarding the train of perpetual payments to Adobe, as it is too slippery a slope with no graceful exit possible.


          Thank you for your many contributions over the years to others and to me personally.  You will be greatly missed.

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            Biggles Lamb Level 3



            It will probably be a case of: -



            When we are re-united on the Edius forum.


            The man to look out for their is an Aussie called Anton who resides in Sydney, he is your equivalent as the Guru of Edius


            You will soon learn on the Edius forum which is the moderator not to cross (hint he is in Africa)


            This forum will be a poorer place without you


            Best wishes



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              Jim_Simon Level 9

              More than a bit melodramatic but, your contributions will be missed.  Here's hoping Adobe comes up with an exit strategy that satisfies you.

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                tclark513 Level 3

                I'm hoping Avid!

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                  jstrawn Adobe Employee

                  Your contributions have been enormous and valuable, Harm, so thanks x 100 for that. I hope you find what  suits you elsewhere, but you will always be welcome back if you don't. And thanks for the great Brightman/Bocelli duet too!

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                    UlfLaursen Level 2

                    Sure thing - you have given a lot of people here a lot of great advice throughout the years, Harm - sad to se you go.


                    Bon Voyage my friend :)



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                      Jim Curtis Level 3

                      I don't think anything is set in stone.  Adobe could eventually come around and offer a perpetual license for Pr7 and other CS apps.  I think it may take this kind of mutiny from a horde of past stalwarts to get the message across, though.  Or, what's worse, this new "tax" model could become adopted by other companies as well.  Time will tell.


                      In any event, Adobe is losing a valuable asset here.  Harm, you've devoted significant personal time to act as free tech support that's benefitted Adobe as well as its customers.  I hope Adobe makes note of it.  Thank you for the advice you've given me over the past couple of years.

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                        SpareWheel Level 2



                        Like others, I would like to thank you for your valued contributions and also the help you have given me since my first involvements with Adobe in 2009.


                        Like you, I will not be experiencing the Cloud, preferring to stick with CS5.5 as it does what I want, when I want.


                        I also bought into Avid last year as I did feel at the time Adobe might go off into outer space. Just how far into orbit is yet to be determined. Can't help feeling a little smug thanking my stars I didn't waste money and time going to CS6. As a result I am now reviewing my work flows and moving away from Adobe. The Cloud just put the last nail in their coffin so to speak.


                        See you on the other side - and keep moving into the light!

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                          shooternz Level 6

                          Sorry to see you go Harm.


                          We have been here together the entire journey.


                          I will miss your abrupt communication style and the "analogies" ...despite the fact they often made me cringe and expect a fist fight to commence as a consequence.



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                            tfi productions 44 Level 1

                            hello Harm,


                            i can't thank you enough for your expertise, guidance, wit, and directness:  these forums will not be the same without you

                            and the rest of us who continue to post here will always be saying 'will Harm chime in on this one'


                            i, too, do not plan on going into the cloud and am stopping at cs6


                            you will be severely missed


                            stay strong, stay productive, stay Harm


                            you are an example of excellence to us all





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                              joe bloe premiere Level 5

                              I will miss your abrupt communication style and the "analogies" ...despite the fact they often made me cringe and expect a fist fight to commence as a consequence.



                              I, too will miss the 'auto analogies'...

                              but much more the acerbic wit:

                              Tricky Footage Rotation Edit


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                                nw42 Level 2



                                thanks for your help and kindness - we will miss you... I understand your reasons - I also don't like the idea of a non permanent licence...


                                we will see how things going on...